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Pray with the Sunday Readings

God feeds us

Download > 17th Sunday Readings and Reflection Questions First Reading 2 Kings 4:42-44 They will eat, and have some left over A man came from Baal-shalishah, bringing Elisha, the man of God, bread from the first-fruits, twenty barley loaves and fresh grain in the...

Sheep without a Shepherd

Download 16th Sunday Readings and Reflection Document First Reading Jeremiah 23:1-6 I will gather together the remnant of my flock and raise up shepherds for them ‘Doom for the shepherds who allow the flock of my pasture to be destroyed and scattered – it is the Lord...

Take nothing for the Journey

Download 15th Sunday Reading and Reflection Document  First Reading Amos 7:12-15 Amaziah, the priest of Bethel, said to Amos, ‘Go away, seer;’ get back to the land of Judah; earn your bread there, do your prophesying there. We want no more prophesying in Bethel; this...

Anger or Acceptance?

Download 14th Sunday Reading and Reflection Document First Reading Ezekiel 2:2-5 The spirit came into me and made me stand up, and I heard the Lord speaking to me. He said, ‘Son of man, I am sending you to the Israelites, to the rebels who have turned against me. Till...

Searching for healing

Download 13th Sunday Readings and Reflection Questions  First Reading Wisdom: 1:13-15,2:23-24 Death was not God’s doing, he takes no pleasure in the extinction of the living. To be – for this he created all; the world’s created things have health in them, in them no...

God, do you not care?

Download 12th Sunday Reading and Reflection Document 1st Reading Job 38:1-8,11 From the heart of the tempest the Lord gives Job his answer From the heart of the tempest the Lord gave Job his answer. He said: Who pent up the sea behind closed doors   when it leapt...

Church: a magnificent tree or medicinal bush?

Download 11th Sunday Reading and Reflection Questions First Reading: Ezekiel 17: 22-24 The Lord says this: ‘From the top of the cedar, from the highest branch I will take a shoot and plant it myself on a very high mountain. I will plant it on the high mountain of...

We are all brothers and sisters

Download 10th Sunday Reading and Reflection Questions 1st Reading: Genesis 3:9-15 'I was afraid because I was naked, and I hid' The Lord God called to the man after he had eaten of the tree. ‘Where are you?’ he asked. ‘I heard the sound of you in the garden;’ he...

Body and Blood of Jesus

Download: Sunday Reading and Reflection Document First Reading: Exodus 24:3-8 This is the blood of the Covenant that the Lord has made with you Moses went and told the people all the commands of the Lord and all the ordinances. In answer, all the people said with one...

Trinity Sunday

Download Sunday Reading and Reflection Document First Reading: Deuteronomy 4:32-34,39-40 The Lord is God indeed: he and no other Moses said to the people: ‘Put this question to the ages that are past, that went before you, from the time God created man on earth: Was...


Find a reflective practice for your journey

Living in the Now

What is it Our human nature tends to worry about many things. We experience having a 'busy mind' full of memories, questions, and experiences. Many people seek ways to achieve a calm and peaceful mind. Christian spirituality often uses two words to describe a movement...


We live in world of gifts - but only if we see it. What is it Thankfulness is a cornerstone of Christian spirituality. By taking time each day to become aware, look with new eyes, and give praise to God, we acknowledge the Creator of everything. Why do we do it Early...

Examen of Consciousness

What is it Many people practice an Examen of Consciousness at the end of the day seeking to become more aware of God at work in their daily life. In more modern times St Ignatius of Loyola has been the one who has helped develop the practice. It is helpful to...

Praying with a Psalm

The Psalms are sacred songs and poems in the Bible. They were traditionally sung in the temple and are recognised as very special prayers and cries of the human heart to God. 150 special religious songs and poems have been made about every human experience. What is...

Imaginative Prayer

Some people find using their imagination and senses very helpful in prayer. God has given us an imagination and the ability to visualise and experience insight through our senses. What is it? Imaginative prayer uses our imagination to enter into a scene. In prayer we...

Centering Prayer

Christian spirituality has had thousands of years of practice in prayer. Centering prayer was used by many christians going out into the desert to pray and rest in God. They found a way to deal with their busy minds and distractions. What is it? Centering prayer is a...

Obstacles to Prayer

Sometimes we try to pray but we find it hard to stay still, have a busy mind, feel agitated. These are all 'distractions' but they can become 'useful' for prayer. Trying to become still can become an opportunity to 'listen' to our body, our thoughts, our feelings. Be...

First steps in prayer

I'm not sure how to pray A famous catholic person (Cardinal Basil Hume) was asked many years ago by a newspaper reporter: why does the modern person today have difficulty in finding God? Basil Hume's response was: 'people today have trouble sitting still and...

Lectio Divina (Spiritual Reading)

What is Lectio Divina? Lectio Divina, its actually a flash latin word meaning Divine Reading. Some people today call it 'prayerful reading'. Essentially the practice is slow reading and listening. We try to become aware and notice what words or phrases seem to  speak...


What is Journaling? Writing for a few minutes, drawing little pictures, scribbling thoughts that are on your heart or mind in a note-book or journal is a helpful reflective practice many people do to reflect on the busyness of life. The practice of spiritual...


Grow with a short course that interests you

Reflective Practices

Grow with a short course on ‘reflective practices’. Enjoy 6 30 minute sessions learning and practicing 6 special reflective practices from the Catholic Tradition to help grow your relationship with self and God. 

The Gospel of Luke

Grow with a short course on ‘the gospel of luke’ and uncover the meaning of some of Jesus’ greatest stories hidden in ‘parables’ like: The Parable of the Prodigal Son, The Parable of the Lost Sheep, the Parable of the Talents, and Lazarus and The Rich Man.

No to Power, Pride & Greed

Grow with a short course on the Three No’s: No to Power, Pride, Greed’ which is part of the Marist Spirit and way of living the gospel in the spirit of Mary. 

About Us

In 2006 livingtheword began as a response to Young Adults sharing they weren’t feeling fed as they went to Church on Sunday.

Seeking to feed the faith journey began the creation of resources to PRAY the Sunday Readings at home, in small groups, in cafes.

Then we had requests to learn how to REFLECT using old and new practices.

More recently we had interest in people wanting to GROW.  We are continually adding content to encourage your journey.

Enjoy and Share.

Meet the Team

The team at livingtheword hang out together at ‘Whanau Maria’ in Ponsonby, Auckland. We are behind the scenes listening to feedback and sharing with you on the journey. You’re welcome to come in for a coffee and a chat. Details below

Fr Frank Bird

Fr Frank Bird

Marist Priest

Hannah van Schie

Hannah van Schie

Marist Laity Co-ordinator

Find us

We’re easy to find at ‘Whanau Maria’ with Marist Laity and the LOGOS Project 

Whanau Maria, 20 Ponsonby Road, Auckland.

Fr Frank Bird SM @021 597080

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