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3rd Sunday Easter – It is I…..touch me and see?

April 14, 2015

Download Reflection Document 3rd Sunday Easter

Reflection Questions

  1. Easter lasts for 7 weeks in the Catholic experience. It is called Eastertide and marks the 50 days between Easter and Pentecost. What practice or ritual could you live for 50 days to celebrate Easter and let its message get ʻunder your skinʼ and change you?
  2. Peter has gone through a remarkable experience of change and has the confidence to preach the core christian message to unbelievers. However, his preaching is connected with his ʻlivingʼ and the ʻsignsʼ that he works (he just cured someone!). ʻPreachingʼ comes after ʻlivingʼ. What sign / action / witness can I ʻliveʼ this week to let people experience Jesus through me?
  3. ʻRepent and be convertedʼ is an invitation to a complete change of oneʼs value system. The worldview of the early disciples had been tipped upside down with the Resurrection. Consider what change took place for the early disciples to sell land and give to those in need? Is your value system those of the ʻworldʼ or ʻChristʼ? Prove it.
  4. Some people in the Johannine community believed that knowledge of salvation was salvation. Knowing Jesus and his forgiveness was all that was important. Moral behaviour and changing ones lifestyle didnʼt matter. Yet the Easter Acts of the Apostles and Gospel readings teach the disciples of Jesus witnessed to the resurrection with power and signs and wonders. The Easter Sunday Victory of the Resurrection is supposed to overturn the evil of good Friday. Christians are not just baptised and waiting for the idea of the resurrection to turn true with eternal life. We have a job to do. How could you ʻkeep the wordʼ more and let the ʻlove of God come to perfection within youʼ more?
  5. Jesus was ʻmade known to them in the breaking of breadʼ. This new action and new words with it was so new at the last supper that it had to be Jesus who did this. And yet the resurrected Jesus must have appeared different to the disciples. How do you understand what happens at the celebration of the Mass / Eucharist? How does it help you to experience the continued presence of Jesus? Do you have questions of the scriptures that require some help to understand them. What are they? Who could you ask for help?
  6. “Why are you troubled and what are the questions rising in your heart” What are the things you need to look at, discuss with someone, write about, research, pray about, so as to reach the peace Jesus offers?
  7. What is one action that you will do to be ʻlivingthewordʼ this week?

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