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3rd Sunday Easter, Yr C – A Rehabilitated Shepherd

April 13, 2010

Download  3rd Sunday Easter Yr C

Reflection Question 5: The large catch of fish shows that the disciples working on their own can catch nothing, but in obedience to Christ – everything is possible. 153 is said to be the number of nations known in the world, and the total number of fish types known at that time. The missionary outreach is to all nations and all peoples! Is there a particular mission field that you feel attracted to work in? What next little step might obedience to Christ involve for you in being part of the Church’s ‘mission’?

Getting into Easter: The disciples reverted back to their old ways rather quickly – walking away from Jerusalem downcast and full of doubts(Lk 24) and returning to their old job of fishing (Jn 21) even after having Jesus breathe his spirit upon them (Jn 20:22)! Parallel to Lent in preparation for Easter, is there an Easter-tide experience or practice you could begin to celebrate the joy of the Resurrection?

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