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5th Sunday Easter, Yr C – leaping over old prejudices

April 27, 2010

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Reflection question 3; Paul and Barnabas broke centuries old prejudices of considering God only loved ‘the Jews’. His ‘chosen’. Going to the Gentiles was an enormous change. To put this into context, if a Jew married a Gentile in Jesus’ time the Jewish family would conduct a public funeral to say to everyone that you were now ‘dead’ to the family. Gentiles were considered ‘intrinsically unclean’. Strict Jews believed they were ‘defiled’ by being with Gentiles. Which group of people today are considered ‘outcasts’, ‘sinners’, beyond God’s love? Could you be a missionary to them? What might need to change in you? In the church?

Resource highlight – as well as many resources check out also the google bookshelf created for livingtheword. On this bookshelf are a few well chosen books that can help you investigate and study the scripture readings yourself. Enjoy!

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