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8th Sunday – do not worry

February 21, 2017

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Reflection Questions

  1. Isaiah 49 continues to talk to a Jewish community that have returned to Jerusalem (Zion) and found a broken city, no home, no temple, no liturgy. They feel ‘forgotten’. Isaiah shares a beautiful feminine image of God whose ‘heart’ is even more loving toward us than our own mother! Can you locate a memory and experience of a Mothers tender love and allow this truth to be an image of God for you now? What would your conversation be protected unconditionally in ‘Mums’ arms?
  2. Paul is experiencing the people in Corinth ‘putting him down’, ‘saying words behind his back’ and ‘questioning his authority’. His response reveals he is more concerned with God’s judgement and is not controlled by ‘popularity’ or ‘performance’. Paul uses a striking greek word for steward: an oarsman responsible only to the captain of the ship (Christ). Have you had an experience of bring ‘put down’ recently? Did you respond in ‘anger’ or ‘peaceful conviction’?
  3. In Matthew 5-8 the Beatitudes (or Christian Be-Attitudes) instruct clearly: you cannot serve God AND Mammon. Mammon is an Aramaic word meaning money, property or anything you place your trust in. Have you ever deeply made the decision about God and ‘righteousenss’ as a first priority ahead of money? What has been a challenge recently that has revealed this lifestyle decision for God?
  4. “Do not worry”. How frequent are your worries and thoughts about food, your body, clothing, possessions? As a reflective awareness exercise, consider asking yourself 3 why’s about your ‘worries’. What do you find at the cause of your ‘worry’?
  5. God is deeply attached to the poor. Did you know in the New Testament 1 in every 16 sentences is about the poor. In the Gospels it is 1 in every 10 sentences. How frequent are your thoughts toward ‘righteousness’ (a title given toward those who lifted up the poor)?
  6. The ‘kingdom of God’ and ‘righteousness’ is a ‘be-attitude’ programme; living with everyone as a brother and sister calls for the poor and in need to be lifted up. This vision and passion for everything to be as God wishes (righteous) needs to ‘break into’ our hearts before it can ‘break out’ to transform social structures. Who is a person that embodies the ‘kingdom of God’ and ‘righteous’ living for you?
  7. What is one action that you will do to be ‘livingtheword’ this week?

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