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Ash Wednesday – listening, leaving, loving

February 17, 2015

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Reflection Questions

  1. “thoroughly wash me from my guilt and cleanse me from my sin.” (Ps 50) God does not want us to stay in sadness and guilt but to grow from our experiences in wisdom, in compassion…. what wisdom might my ʻsinʼ be teaching me? What do I need to do to move on?
  2. Now is a very acceptable time – Lent is a special time, but only works if we make it important. Is there any decision I have been putting off? Having I been waiting for the right ʻtimeʼ? What decisions could I make for Lent to grow in freedom, in forgiveness, in holiness…..?

Traditional Lenten Practices

  1. Prayer – seeking to listen to God: try finding a time and place each day to be with God?
  2. Fasting – seeking to be free of what is unnecessary: try giving up music in the car, internet, video games, some television, and fill it with a practice that helps you reflect on life?
  3. Almsgiving – seeking to care for those in need: try focusing on a particular need you know about and giving either your time or money to a person or cause. Check with God how much!
  4. We only need to imagine the renewed and healed world if all were to make a commitment to these spiritual practices. What decision will you make to enter and live Lent deeply?

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