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Baptism of the Lord Year A: Going Deeper into My Baptism

January 9, 2020

Discussion Guide: Baptism of the LordGoing Deeper into My Baptism is HERE

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Reflection Questions

• The prophet Isaiah speaks often of the promise that God will send a Messiah. Today’s prophecy foretells Jesus’ coming. Celebrating Jesus’ Baptism we learn also of our own ‘job description’ to live following Jesus’ lifestyle and example in the world. Have you made your baptism personal and meaningful? What does it mean for you to be: ‘chosen’, ‘upon whom I have put my spirit’,
‘bring forth justice’. Called personally for the ‘victory of justice’. Have you recognised God trying to take you by the hand and form you, ask you to bean example and light for others? Transform peoples lives who are blind and suffering in darkness?

• Acts 10 is a very important chapter and experience in the life of St Peter. Peter was Jewish and was brought up in strict observance knowing what was ‘clean’ and ‘unclean’. Non Jews (Gentiles / Greeks) were considered ‘unclean’. If you entered their home or ate with them you became ‘unclean’. Peter is told by God to go into Cornelius’ home. He was a gentile and a despised Roman soldier!). Peter has a significant conversion of the mind: ‘people of every nation are acceptable to God’. Who do you consider to be ‘clean’ or ‘unclean’? What obstacles did Peter have to overcome to go into Cornelius’ house? What obstacles do you have to overcome?

• Historical and theological writing is present in this Baptism scene of Jesus. Isaiah had cried out to God in the Old Testament – open the heavens and come down! Now the clouds are pushed apart, the spirit of God descends and God’s voice is heard. Here he is! The Messiah. The promised one. My Son. Imagine being at this scene. Imagine this is your baptism scene. What do you feel? Think? Fulfilling the Old Testament Prophecy of Isaiah, do you accept your baptismal ‘job description’?

• You may have been too young to remember your own baptism. It does not mean that you cannot now become conscious of what happened and what it means ‘today’. A special prayer was prayed over you as part of your Baptism anointing; ‘christ-ing’ you to live as Priest, Prophet and King. Your call is to be:
Priestto bring the world to God and reveal God’s mercy to the world.
Prophetto listen to the Word, live by Faith, witnessing and speaking God’s comfort and challenge to the world.
Kingto lead your world to act in justice and mercy, rather than follow the world
•What do you need from God to go deeper in living out your God-given calling? We are not asked to work on our own strength; the Holy Spirit empowers us. You can ask the Holy Spirit to renew your Baptism and fill you each day with the grace you need.

• What is one action that you will do to be ‘livingtheword’ this week?

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