God has actually spoken

The scripture readings for Sunday are a great starting point to start listening


It's more enjoyable with others

There are some simple and effective ways to share scripture in homes, cafes, parishes


Let's walk the talk

Prayer becomes lived out when we make decisions and lifestyle commitments


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Many people operate with a basic attitude that God is silent. The scriptures – and particularly the Gospels- are God’s response to this problem. We cannot pretend that God is silent. What we need to do is give the Scriptures a place and space in our lives so we can ‘hear’ God.

Below is a simple method that can help. All it takes is 30 minutes: 10 minutes reading, 10 minutes writing, 10 minutes sharing. In the future this site may have podcasts and video postings of the readings but for the moment check out the printable document to begin.

Download the document from the front page.
10 minutes Reading

  • Read through a reading slowly once
  • Read through the reading a second time and with a pen circle or underline a word or phrase that strikes you
  • Read through each reading following this process
  • Finally, notice which words or phrases are particularly meaningful for you. Consider why

10 minutes Writing

  • Spend a moment reflecting on one or two ideas that strike you most from the readings
  • Writing is an active response to God’s word – it is so easy to sit silent without claiming a word spoken which demands a response (think of always being silent with your friend!)
  • Begin writing what struck you. What did you hear? What is your response? Is there a new attitude, action, decision that you are invited to live?
  • End by writing a short prayer thanking God for what you heard and help to ‘livetheword’

10 minutes Sharing / Praying

  • If you are with friends, share in groups of 3 taking 3minutes each saying what spoke to you in the readings.
  • Encourage each other to own up to an action that they feel called to live in their lives.
  • Conclude by saying a prayer individually or together

if you want some further help in ‘hearing’ the word or just need some help to become still, try some of these resources:

Spiritual Reading first steps in prayer obstacles in prayer.

Click here for the resources page

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