God has actually spoken

The scripture readings for Sunday are a great starting point to start listening


It's more enjoyable with others

There are some simple and effective ways to share scripture in homes, cafes, parishes


Let's walk the talk

Prayer becomes lived out when we make decisions and lifestyle commitments


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Information with application is transformation. It is only when we apply knowledge that we really get transformation and change.

So, here’s a suggestion. How about not leaving a time of prayer without first owning up to a decision or action. Accept the challenge to make an ‘application’ in your prayer time. Don’t leave your prayer chair until you’ve written your ‘to do action’ on a bit of paper, or reached a decision, or claimed a gospel attitude of Jesus to practice.

After all, contemplation and action are supposed to go together. In prayer we get informed about who we are to ‘be’ and what we are to ‘do’.

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