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Reflection Questions

  1. The Book of Wisdom is thought to have been written by King Solomon. Today’s text links to the story of young King Solomon, newly married to a princess of Egypt, heavily aware of leadership responsibilities and following the example of his Father, King David. In 1 Kings 3:6-9 Solomon prays for wisdom – a heart to understand what is good and what is evil. Today is Solomon’s reflection on just what a precious gift wisdom is. Have you ever needed to search for and find a wise person to offer direction and guidance? How would you describe your need? What happened?
  2. ‘I chose to have her rather than the light’. Wisdom is not a ‘possession’ or equal to worldly wealth of Gold of Silver. It is the spiritual gift of knowing the truth and the very will of God. ‘Discernment’ of God’s will is a discipleship skill. It literally means ‘to cut away’. Consider a choice that you need to make. List the choices. Pray for wisdom. ‘Cut away’ options that are shallow, unspiritually motivated. Pay attention to the desire beneath the choice. Ask a wise person for advice.
  3. Hebrews is written for Jewish Christians struggling with persecution and the difficulties and fragility of the early christian church.They remembered with joy the clear Jewish laws and customs and the sacrificial practices of the Temple. The author of Hebrews points them to the penetrating power of the Word. Have you every experienced the powerful and personal way the scriptures can reach deeply inside you and speak to you deepest pain and questions? Reveal you to yourself? Challenge you? Inspire you? What scripture passage has done this for you? What happened?
  4. The theme of wisdom is contrasted with wealth in the Gospel. A rich young man faithful to the ‘laws’ still finds himself unsatisfied in life. His question: ‘What must I do?’ is still focussed on external actions of obedience. Jesus wishes to lead him from ‘observance of laws’ to ‘living in love’. The invitation to change the base of his security from possessions to ‘treasure in heaven’ causes his face to fall. What possessions would you be terrified of letting go? Why? Do you trust that God will supply everything you need?
  5. The invitation to a deeper discipleship does not necessarily require letting go of ‘wealth’ but letting go of its ‘attachment’. Jesus uses an image. To get a camel loaded with items for trade through a ‘narrow gate’ in Jerusalem required unloading items, the camel sometimes having to kneel down and crawl through a small space (eye of a needle). Some scholars also suggest a misspelling of a word means it is a ‘cable’ that is trying to be threaded through the eye of a needle. How would you describe your ‘use of wealth’. Is it available for building the Kingdom of God? The needs of the poor? How much ‘security’ and ‘life’ does your bank balance or possessions bring you? What does this story reveal to you personally?
  6. Peter implies a disciples question about reward and security. 100% is an incredibly fruitful return. Normally a return would be 10%. It will be mixed up ‘with persecutions’ however. Consider asking a Priest, Brother, Sister, Christian friend how they have experienced God’s faithfulness in relying on God for their security.
  7. What is one action that you will do to be ‘livingtheword’ this week?