God has actually spoken

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It's more enjoyable with others

There are some simple and effective ways to share scripture in homes, cafes, parishes


Let's walk the talk

Prayer becomes lived out when we make decisions and lifestyle commitments


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Reflection Questions

  • Today the Church celebrates two different leaders and leadership styles in the Church. St Peter officially given ‘keys’ to symbolise a position of responsibility. St Paul, a missionary who travelled by foot and boat on the ancient trade routes to share the message of Jesus. They both experienced prison, beatings, court hearings. We have two leaders who are revolutionaries and strong witnesses to the life of Jesus. Consider today what challenge leadership challenge they would give to you? To the Church?
  • The Acts of the Apostles reveals persecution of the early Christian community. Just when their leader had been captured and at the point of sure ‘death’, God’s power intervenes in union with prayers by the Church. Have you experienced being ‘in chains’? In a ‘prison’ of mind or heart? Inspired by the power of God in this passage, what do you want to pray for? Can you recognise an ‘angel’ in your life whose presence is like a ‘light’?
  • St Paul refers to his life with a temple image: like oil being poured out on the altar as a beautiful gift offering to God. Paul also uses an athletes image: I have competed well, finished the running race. What image strikes you today for your Christian journey. The Altar or the Running Race? Why?
  • One well known pastoral American Bishop wrote in his autobiography. ‘Wherever St Paul went he got stoned and chased out of town. Wherever I went I got offered cups of tea and scones. Where did I go wrong?’ What do you think this comment teaches about St Paul?
  • Caesarea Philippi is a place famous for various shrines worshipping different pagan Gods. At this site is even an altar and shrine dedicated to the ‘Dancing Goat’! In the midst of this shopping aisle of idols and temples Jesus turns to his disciples. ‘Who do you say I am?’ In the midst of many idols in the world today, who is Jesus and why do you really follow him? Have you had a moment of recognising Jesus is truly the ‘Christ’ (Greek word) ‘Messiah’ (Hebrew word) the living human and divine presence of God born into our world?
  • The symbol of keys would have been well known to Jesus disciples. The ‘keeper of the keys’ was a special role given to the most trusted aide of the King. It was the true keys to open the Palace doors. They were large keys worn hanging from the shoulder obvious to all as a sign of authority. What does this symbol mean to you? For the Catholic Church?
  • What is one action that you will do to be ‘livingtheword’ this week?