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Happy Easter

April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

Here is an Easter Morning painting of Peter and John, rushing too or from the Tomb on Easter Morning. It was a striking image I saw at the Louvre Museum in Paris! I hope the Holy Week and Easter celebrations have led you closer to yourself and God. You may be able to see so many of your own emotions in the picture regarding Easter.

I’ve learnt to stay at the table – like Jesus did at the last supper – and not storm off into isolation or despair. Good Friday led made me go into silence and shock at human violence and God’s un-human mercy. Easter Resurrection amazes me knowing that God is victorious despite the human-mess, injustice, political games…. and God can get his plan of saving us fulfilled no matter what happens.

Enjoy the next 8 weeks of the Readings slowly unpacking the Easter-tide mystery for our lives and the Church. livingtheword began on Ash Wednesday, 2010. In a few weeks there will be a review of the site. If you would like to take a moment to share how you have found the site, the resources, how you have used it in groups, what you would like to see more of etc, please let us know by April 30. Thanks contact@livingtheword.org.nz