God has actually spoken

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There are some simple and effective ways to share scripture in homes, cafes, parishes


Let's walk the talk

Prayer becomes lived out when we make decisions and lifestyle commitments


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Download: 23rd Sunday Yr C

Reflection Question 4: Jesus often provides instruction, then offers an image into what living his teaching will look like. Building a house or marching into battle are two of the biggest challenges one might undertake in life. Instead of finances and military supplies, discipleship preparation is the task of being free of attachments to family and possessions. What would this large discipleship preparation task look like for you? Do you want to ‘follow? What are your biggest obstacles?

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Download Document:18th Sunday Yr C

Reflection Question 3: Rabbi’s were expected to make decisions on religious and civil matters. Yet Jesus chooses not to be the ‘judge’ of this inheritance dispute. He is not interested in  property but he is interested in talking about ‘greed’. St Paul in the second reading referred to greed as ‘idolatry’ – replacing God. Have you ever considered your answer to the question: ‘What is enough?’ (money, car, savings, food allowance, clothing). What is a benchmark that when you have reached it you now have a duty to ‘share’? On a spectrum of ‘getting and ‘giving’ where would you mark your lifestyle?

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