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Reflection Questions

  1. On November 1 we remember All Saints and on November 2 we remember All Souls. The month of November becomes a special time of remembering and praying for our loved ones who have passed away. In many places and in many cultures special blessings and celebrations take place at gravesides to remind us how closely united we are with all who have gone before us. We are reminded by these celebrations we will all be together again in the resurrection.
  2.  We have all experienced a person close to us passing away. Sometimes we need to enter the experience again to say a personal farewell, remember a beautiful memory, treasure the friendship. Some of the words of the first reading are frequently shared at funerals to bring comfort. Which words speak personally to you: ‘they are in the hands of God’, ‘no torment should touch them’, ‘they are in peace’, ‘those who are faithful will live with him in love’, ‘grace and mercy await those he has chosen’.
  3. St Paul writes to the community in Rome. He has not met them and they are cautious of him. The Letter to the Romans is a beautiful summary of Paul’s teachings. It reaches a high point in today’s reading: ‘what proves that God loves us is that Christ died for us while we were still sinners’. Sometimes people hold a fear that a loved one was not at peace or right with God as they passed away. Paul would invite us to simply marvel at what God has actually revealed by his Love in Christ. Imagine your loved one receiving the reconciliation given by Jesus Christ.
  4. Readings of comfort continue for us in the Gospel. Consider the profound truth that ‘nothing can be lost from God’. It is the heart of God that all people not be ‘lost’ but welcomed ‘home’. Allow your heart to feel the difference between the words ‘lost’ and ‘found’. Can you glimpse the beauty of Jesus, each disciple, the church, being the heart and hands of God to ‘welcome the lost back home’?
  5. Our final home is eternal life in heaven. Death is not the end, but a doorway into a new life with God. Can you glimpse the funeral service in the church is a foretaste of your loved one being ‘welcomed home to heaven’? Do you have a positive memory of the welcoming home and sending to God. What words of farewell can you imagine your loved one saying to you again today for your journey?



  • What is one action that you will do to be ‘livingtheword’ this week?

treasureDownload 17th Sunday

Reflection Questions

  1. Solomon is not simply having a ‘dream’. The last person to possibly take his kingship (Shimei see 1Kings 2, 8) has now died so Solomon is now truly King. He has also just married the King of Egypt (Pharoah’s) daughter! Solomon’s power and political responsibilities are immense. He makes a special journey to Gibeon, a very special ‘high place’ and altar. With him he presents 1000 burnt offerings on the altar! (1Kings 3,4). The intensity of his prayer and yet his humility is striking. You have made me. I am your servant. I have the responsibilities of a King. Yet I am young. I don’t know what to do. Give me an ‘understanding heart’. What would your deepest and most heart- felt prayer be to God as God asks you: ‘Ask something of me’?.
  2. The journey of life involves ‘ups and downs’. It takes great faith to trust that ‘all things work for good for those who love God’. Consider a difficult life experience. How has it ‘worked for your good’? Have you allowed it to mould you closer ‘to the image of his Son’?
  3. The phrase ‘kingdom of heaven’ is the idea Jesus most talked about in the gospels. Having a heart for the poor. A desire and commitment to see that all are ‘included’. Fighting all systems that exclude and oppress. The compassion and forgiveness offered to us by God. These can be ‘ideas’ or ‘lived realities’. A treasure ‘thought about’ or a ‘treasure possessed’. Being possessed by ‘The Kingdom’ comes at a cost because it invites us into a complete transformation of our life. Compare your lifestyle with Jesus in the Gospels. What attracts you? What do you need to ‘let go’? What risk are you being invited to take?
  4. Filled with joy, the person in the parable sells all that he owns to buy it. The treasure (the kingdom) has now possessed him! Have you ever had an experience where something you valued is now considered ‘worthless’. How did your heart change ‘attachment’? What do you truly ‘love’ and would be willing to ‘sell all that you have’ for its possession? Are the top ‘values’ that steer your life Kingdom values or Worldly values?
  5. As in previous Ch 13 parables, Jesus includes a subversive challenge. There will be a judgment at the end of time based on how we have lived. Have we chosen and lived for the Kingdom and lived ‘rightly’ (righteously)? Or have we been ‘wicked’, consciously or unconsciously not contributing to justice and God’s plan for all? If the final judgement was to take place within a few months what would this cause you to do?
  6. What is one action that you will do to be ‘livingtheword’ this week?